One day in a mom’s 
life: mother is a tattoo 
master from Los 

Sasha Masyuk tells us about how her life is organized with her little son Lucas in the City of Angels.

Are all parents, to say the least, equally happy? We all know the feeling of guilt that for no reason, no reason at all covers the suffocating shroud of bigger sea waves? And how do these moms and dads with thousands of followers on Instagram all have time? We decided to communicate with active parents to get valuable family advice for our readers.

The first conversation took place with Sasha Masyuk, the owner of Sashatattooing studios in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Barcelona. Sasha is well known in the world of ≪body≫ drawings, thanks to the powerful application of engraving tattoos and tattooing with grayscale. In the list of famous works by Sasha ? ornaments on the body of half of the players of the Zenit football club. Masyuk also shows her talent in collaboration with many brands. For example, she ≪painted≫ in the style of dotwork sole and the insole of Reebok shoes, came up with a design for leather jackets Bats, is the Ambassador S7 airlines, and L’oreal in Russia, etc.

However today, we are interested with Sasha in her role of Lucas’s mother ? the name of Sasha’s son, who recently turned one year old. Our hero is ready to openly talk about how she structured her day with the ≪one-year baby≫ at the hands.

My day starts after my son Lucas wakes up. He has a great ≪mission≫ ? to wake me and dad (laughs, ? author). Then we all cook breakfast, eat, and Lucas, after leading the parents in a sense, peacefully lays on for a few hours of sleep again. I use this time for my personal business. Thus, we have a very scheduled morning, which allows us to be together with the family and have time for morning tasks. But that wasn’t always the case. This mode has developed over time. And earlier, when we lived in St. Petersburg, there were times in the morning when there were no products to prepare breakfast. I remember, we immediately went to a restaurant near the Studio after waking up. Fortunately, it was in the center, and there was just a stunning view from the veranda. We spent about an hour there for breakfast. It was a beautiful ritual before work. We took fresh juice, ate delicious sandwiches/croissants. I loved it all, and I thought my morning was perfect. The paradox is that I think this morning is perfect. It is essential to focus on how great it is to wake up in an embrace with the child, to catch their first smile... It is great happiness!

No matter how you are beginning the day, think about the happiness to start by communicating with loved ones.

I’m working now from 12:00 to 16:00-17:00. After Lucas wakes up for the second time around 12:00, we have a babysitter, and I’m off to work. Nurse Jennifer spends time with Lucas at home or goes to the Play Ground ? it’s like a playground for children, where you can play with your peers. I like that in addition to Russian-speaking children. There are English-speaking kids as well.

My working day is not normalized because the time I spend with a client depends on the size of the tattoo. It happens that the session lasts about 6 hours. At home I draw at the computer, I conduct organizational Affairs of studios in Russia and Barcelona. With Lucas at home, working is obviously difficult. He needs attention, and often asks me to play and talk to him. It is tough to concentrate, so I utilize all the time he is asleep: from 3 pm to 4 pm and after 8 pm, when I put him to sleep at night. 8 pm to 12 am is my most productive time.

I finished working at 16 weeks of pregnancy. After giving birth, I got my first tattoo job to a client when Lucas was two weeks old. We were about three days in the hospital, and after discharge for the first period to the end the regime, Lucas slept a lot, and I had time for myself. I drew a lot in my notebooks and got some tattoos.

The first tattoo after the birth of the child was for my husband. I made it on his head, at home. Lucas slept so soundly that he didn’t even react to the noise of the tattoo machine. The process of tattooing my husband took about two days, because I did it only when Lucas was asleep. The whole process was shot on video. Now, when I review the video, I note with interest the changes in my body figure after childbirth. My stomach went quickly, and I seemed very thin. But now, I’m in much better shape. Additionally, on the video, I note the sides and other ≪gifts≫ of pregnancy, which women always face.

 Record yourself on video ? it’s not just interesting to review after some time, but also great motivation to see how you can change.

I started to work fully when my son was four months old. My grandmother came to Berlin, and my relatives helped me to take care of the child. Breastfeeding, of course, made adjustments to the mode of operation. Mom brought my son to the Studio to feed. After the first feeding was walking with him near the Studio and then feeding him again, and we all went home together. For a month or two, I worked in this mode.

Breastfeeding should not become a hindrance when you wish to work. Think over the most convenient mode of the day and enlist the support of either relatives or colleagues.

Of course, there will always be cases when the mode fails, but these are exceptions to the rules that must be safely accepted. Remember that this will not always be the case. Is it worth talking about how it much helps the nurse and my husband? Be sure to speak with your husband about his participation in the process of care and upbringing of the child. Dad can always not only walk but also change clothes, feed, etc. Mutual understanding and mutual assistance is the key to a comfortable life with the child, especially if the grandmother is as far away as we have ? in Berlin, for example.

 Keep up with work and the child is a very helpful mode for the day. Thus, you can plan your job and not feel guilty.

In difficult moments, I remind myself that this is a reality that must be accepted and experienced. For example, nervous and wringing hands because of the whims of the child during teething ? it’s not about us.

We usually have dinner around 7 PM at home; sometimes we order for food. It often happens at lunch, because I am busy with other tasks while Lucas is sleeping and doesn’t have time to cook. We love home-cooked food. Most often it is some kind of puree/porridge with salad. We do not eat meat, fish or dairy products. We’re vegans. Lucas is eating from the common table. I don’t cook anything special for my son.

After dinner, Lucas spends time on his own. He likes to climb into the pool with toys and frolic there for about an hour. My husband and I can even watch a movie together. Or at the request of our son ≪dive≫ to his pool.

Hang up after 8 pm. We go to bed, turn off all the lights. About half an hour Lucas crawls around me, tosses and turns, and then falls asleep. I quietly leave, and it turns out that at 9 pm I am completely free. I talk a lot on the phone with ≪Russia≫ at this time, because the day is just beginning there and it is convenient to solve all the cases.

 The child is sleeping with us ? he has a side bed. Of course, he likes to come over, but after he falls asleep, I move him back. And I am delighted that he does not wake up even once during the night. Shape up ? I usually do yoga in the morning and special pop/press training in the evening. When I do hard, I closely monitor the norms of proteins and carbohydrates, drink cocktails, etc.

I did not explicitly develop a child mode. With time, our son built our relationship with sleep and food. I didn’t put it down or feed on purpose. Earlier, I always thought that I would contribute to the establishment of this regime and at first I tried to arrange to feed and sleep on schedule. But the older Lucas got, the harder it was to do that. He just didn’t allow me to. We are now a year and two months, and exactly to the year, the child has developed a regime itself.

I started working out a lot right after Lukas was born. I’m in good shape right now because of it. Although I’ve quite relaxed already and work out less. Usually, I do yoga in the morning and special glutes/abs work-out sessions in the evening. When I work out hard, I keep a wary eye on my proteins and carbohydrates intake, I also drink smoothies, etc.

 I would like to find more time to draw. I dream that I will have more time in the future time and I will deal with my paintings or some other projects.

Bad habits I don’t have ? I don’t smoke. For a year and a half (during pregnancy and Breastfeeding), I generally forgot what alcohol is. And now with an 11-month-old son, when not breastfeeding, I can enjoy a glass of wine or beer for dinner. From harmful food cravings ? love to sweet. It’s funny that after Breastfeeding, I do not want anything sweet. I can’t take anything like ≪tea≫ for a day or two.

I am not close to the concept of education of an independent child through the prism of limiting pastime with him. I believe that it is essential to pay maximum attention to the child. Yeah, we should drop everything and play with him. When involving the grandmother, the nurse... with the child there has to be someone who can help, show, stimulate, secure... This is the age when there are many questions, and the world is known, In these situations ≪vote≫ for the presence of the ≪guide≫.

 American moms differ from the Slavic due to the fact that they don’t put on socks on their children! (laughs, ? author). I am very impressed, but I notice it everywhere. Even when walking by the ocean, when the cold wind is piercing. I understand that Lucas freezes, but I still see bare children’s feet, ≪accompanying≫ American mothers. A similar situation was in Berlin.

The most common mistake by moms: ≪He is small and does not understand anything≫. Yes, from birth, he knows what he wants and that he’s better. Kids are smart. They’re not little fools. From an early age, they should be treated according to their separate personalities. It will become a habit and put its grains into the character of the child. I do not understand the situations when, for example, a small squeaky hammer pounding during the game kicks on the head. I think it’s insulting to anyone. I advocate for spending time differently: I show something new. The same books, which a myriad of lessons can be used. And not because there is an ambition to raise a genius. Just that children are very open to new things and do not take advantage of this as it is simply a sin. Lucas understands English and Russian. We started to include Chinese cartoons ? he already understands Chinese. Expanding the picture of the world for a child is important!

The ideal mother is a mother who fed, bought, walked, played and taught something new. This is a mother who is always ready to help, who does not scold and does not forbid but tries to help with understanding.

 It’s okay if the child tries to taste the sand. He’ll try once and calm down.

Of course, with sockets, such an option does not pass (laughs, ? author). It is important to feel the edge, of course. And to understand that nature has thought through many moments! Sometimes you don’t have to resist.

Things for Lucas are bought on Amazon. It’s a super-store for basic non-branded items. I like simple monochrome clothes and do not like children’s items with drawings, inscriptions because most of them seem to be tasteless. My husband and I buy a simple solid body, for example, and paint them as we like when at home. Pasha (Sasha’s husband, musician, ? author) has long been engaged in silk-screen printing, so it was not difficult for us to make the body with their inscriptions, numbers, drawings... It was very cool to watch my son with items from our own family design. I plan in the future to make the author’s collection of children’s things in a minimalist style. I think this is not enough in the market.

 I love family looks. Lucas and Pasha have matching red sweatshirts, for example. We also like to dress in the same color when we go for a walk. It looks very aesthetically pleasing from the outside.

My advice to pregnant women: don’t lock yourself in four walls. If the state of health allows, then lead an active lifestyle. This will give internal energy, relieve the load of ≪unnecessary≫ thoughts and ≪problems≫... I, for example, had 17 flights. In Bali, my husband and I went to the mountains and made our way to the hard-to-reach beaches. At home I did yoga every morning. I also squatted... This prepared me for the activities after the birth of the child. And again, listen more to yourself and less to the fears that appear. Plan your vacation from the 7th month and enjoy!

Photos from Sasha’s family archive.