Mario and Jenny: 
Never a dull moment

We wanted to get to know parents who choose Anex, and find out why they love our strollers. 
So we visited four families and spent a day with each of them. The second family was waiting for us in Barcelona.

Mario and Jenny have a great taste and two adorable children, Robin and Amy. Jenny has her own Instagram blog and likes taking photos. Her Instagram is filled with gray, black, and white colors. You can rarely find a common bright photo there. That’s why our grey Cross Marble wasn’t a random choice for this family. Jenny also loves Justin Bieber.

Mario is a car mechanic and a boxing fan. When he was young, he used to box but then abandoned the hobby. Nowadays, he likes watching boxing matches on TV.

Everyone in this family is always having a lot of fun. Robin and Amy love playing hide-and-seek and fooling around on the couch, while Mario and Jenny are cooking dinner together. There is never a dull moment in this family.