We make parenthood 

In 2012, we put together a team of cool guys and girls, who shared one idea and started manufacturing strollers.

Back then, we decided that our main goal is to make parenthood wonderful. We wanted people to experience positive emotions and live through this period of their lives with a bright smile on their faces.

We believe that parenthood is the best thing that can happen to an adult. A baby is truly priceless. Knowing this moves us forward and inspires us to do things even better.

With time, we started manufacturing more and more useful products for children and parents. We created accessories for winter walks, wind and mosquito protection, thermal bags, muffs, and a cup holder. All these are for making the parents’ lives nicer and easier.

We can’t tolerate it when something looks bad or doesn’t work properly. That’s why creating a product takes us many months. Eventually, we come up with cool stuff.

We also try to talk to parents more to understand what they need. Recently, we visited several families from different countries and lived one day with each of them. We already told you about some of them. We’ll write about the rest later. This experience helped us understand many things and proved to us once more that being a parent is cool. Make this experience wonderful. We’ll help you do it.