How to choose a 
stroller without 
making a mistake? 
Five pieces of advice 
from Anex

All bad strollers have the same disadvantages. They take up too much space. Their wheels start creaking with time. Children outgrow them too fast. Such strollers make moms and babies suffer.

In order not to buy a cat in the bag (even if it’s your favorite color), you need go find out what to pay attention to.

Stroller type

Start by understanding which type of stroller you need. There are three main stroller types: bassinets, strolling, and all-in-one.

The first type is for babies up to 6 months. Once the baby is older, the bassinet becomes too small. Then the parents buy the strolling type of stroller. It’s designed for babies from 6 months to 3 years. The most popular of these strollers is the umbrella-type. Their advantage is the light weight and the low price.

The third type is an all-in-one stroller. These are suitable for children from birth to 3 years. There are two types of such strollers: 2-in-1 bassinet + seat unit and 3-in-1 bassinet + seat unit +car seat.

This is the optimal option for pragmatic parents. The stroller can become a winter bassinet, where a baby will feel warm and comfortable. It can also become a seat unit and a car seat, which is easy to transport.


The bigger the stroller, the more stable and maneuverable it is. Such models aren’t afraid of bad roads, harsh winters, and high curbs.

For the control not to suffer, choose a model with 360°swiveling front wheels. Such wheels won’t pass through snow or sand, although you can always use a locking mechanism. It keeps the wheels straight, allowing you to push the stroller with even one hand on bad roads.

There are inflatable and solid wheels. A stroller with inflatable wheels can handle rougher terrain. Such wheels do a better job creating a smooth motion than their solid counterparts.

Buying a 3 wheeled stroller is not recommended. It will be hard to pass a puddle or small road bumps between the wheels. You’d always need to go around them. At the slopes, such strollers are not stable. They are great for straight roads and narrow tracks.

Shock absorption

If you don’t want your baby to wake up every time a stroller hits a bump in the road, check out the shock absorption system. If the suspension is soft, the baby won’t notice the road deformations and passing over obstacles.

Contemporary strollers have an adjustable suspension system. One can adjust it depending on the baby’s weight and the roughness of the terrain. Rarely do strollers have a double suspension system for the wheels and the frame.


The weight of the stroller depends on its frame. The lightest frame is made out of aluminum. Light strollers weigh under 12 kg (26.5 lbs.) If you add the baby’s weight, grocery bags, and accessories, you get about 20 kg (44 lbs.), which is too much for a mom to handle. A heavy stroller is even worse. That’s why you need to pay close attention to the initial weight of the model.

Before you buy a stroller, make sure it fits into the trunk. If you use an elevator, measure the width of the doorway for the stroller to pass through easily. Even a couple of centimeters can make a big difference.


Materials covering the bassinet should be breathable. The materials inside the bassinet should be natural and hypoallergenic since the baby’s skin touches them.

The internal trimming should be easily removable for washing. The exterior materials must protect the stroller from the wind and moisture. They should also be easy to clean.

And more

Put the advice to practice. It can help you find a stroller which you can entrust with the most valuable person in your life. You won’t have to worry about the baby’s safety or your comfort.