How to take care 
of an Anex stroller

You need to take care of the stroller to keep it working properly and looking well. In this article, we will guide you on how to take care of the stroller’s parts least resistant to mud accumulation, i.e. covering, frame, and wheels. We will explain how to do it in the right way and do no harm to the parts. 


The covering collects dust and the fabric accumulates mud during the walks. It is not necessary to clean it after each walk but it can be done once a week. To do so, wet a washcloth with watered down detergent and wipe the covering. The thing is to have the washcloth damp but not too wet. Let the stroller dry out. Under any circumstances, do not dry it with a blow dryer, do not put it near a radiator, or do not leave it under the sunlight. It might destroy the fabric.

The inner part of the cradle and the mattress pad are removable and can be washed by hand. For this purpose, collect cold water with baby soap in a washbowl. If there are stains left after this general washing, try to clean them with a soft brush. Do not use bleach and organic solvents. Also, do not iron the fabric to avoid damaging it.

Frame and Components

Use children’s multi-purpose cleaner and warm water to clean the frame from dirt. After that wipe the frame with a soft cloth and fold the stroller only after it dries out. In this case, the stroller will not get rusted nor mould. Do not use metal washcloth and other abrasive materials so that the metallic structure does not get damaged.

Store the stroller at room temperature away from moisture to keep the plastic parts of the stroller safe from deformation. We advise you to rinse the underframe with clean water if it was exposed to salty water. It will help avoid corrosion. Also, we recommend greasing dampers with oil to prevent rattling and enable them to work properly.


Control the wear level of the wheels and timely clean them from dust and sand. The axis of the wheels and brakes should be greased with several drops of oil from time to time. You can also use dry silicone spray for this purpose but only in small amounts and in a well ventilated room.
Wash the wheels separately from the stroller with the help of a detergent and a small brush.

Check the pressure in the wheels to make sure that they are properly inflated. The pressure in the wheels should not surpass 0.8 bar. We recommend using a manual bicycle pump or a foot pump for air mattresses to reach the optimal level.

If you take the stroller with you on a plane, make sure to drop the pressure in the wheels a little bit. Pressure increases during the flight, so the over-pumped wheels might fail.

Wash the sand and sea water off the wheels after visiting a beach. Sea water can corrode ball bearings and the sand will definitely have a negative impact on the wheels.

Do not leave the stroller in the sunlight. The wheel webs might deform and the fabric’s color can fade. It is better to keep the stroller in the shade with half pumped wheels.

Check the brakes. Clean the brakes from dirt and sand stuck in there. For this purpose, take out braking elements, clean them, and them put them back in.