Meet the updated 
stroller Anex Sport 2.0: 
what has changed?

The Anex Sport model range in the brand’s line of strollers enjoys well-deserved popularity due to its harmonious design and compact functionality.

Visually highlighting the Anex Sport stroller is easy thanks to the spectacular combination of eco-leather and jacquard. Durable materials are joined in an aesthetic tandem of texture and tint. As for the functional, here a cursory look cannot do — is to consider what is a remarkable model, but rather an improved generation 2.0.

Shock absorbers: light and reliable

One of the major qualitative changes concern shock absorbers. Their role is mostly decisive when it comes to the ease and maneuverability of the stroller. That is why Anex engineers paid much attention to this detail. As a result, the new shock absorbers are lighter, with increased wear resistance. You can even assess the quality of changes visually: the appearance and shape has become more concise and streamlined. This is because they «got rid» of the gears and the massiveness in the joints. The new type of shock absorbers gave the whole structure of the stroller a more harmonious form and, most importantly, reduced weight. Regulation of the shock absorber remains the same, intuitively simple, just as well as in the models of the previous generations: the right is regulated clockwise, while the left, anticlockwise.

Folding lock on frame: fast and safe
Another new detail is the folding lock on the frame. It changed not only the design but also the metal. Now, the lock is made of hardened structural steel, which automatically improves its reliability. As for the design, the new version of the lock is carefully thought out to eliminate the slightest possibility of accidental pinching of fingers even with a fast and careless folding of the stroller.

The system of folding of the hood for the cradle: comfort on the go
The new system of folding the hood of the cradle will not leave any parent indifferent. This is because it allows you to adjust the hood of the stroller with one hand. This means that a walk with the Anex Sport 2.0 stroller will become even more comfortable: talking on mobile, surfing the web, drinks and even carrying things with the hands will no longer create difficulties in case you want to correct the position of the hood on the cradle. How does it work? The new memory system, operates on remembering the position of the first of the two buttons to adjust the hood. For example, to lower the hood with one hand, it is necessary to consistently press two buttons until you click. Also, the engineers managed to achieve a quieter mode of adjustment. In this mode, lowering and raising the hood is almost silent and does not disturb the sweet sleep of your baby.

Wheels with AIR FREE system: smoothness and convenience
The new generation of strollers Anex Sport are equipped with an improved type of wheels. The principal difference: the AIR FREE system, which assumes the absence of air chambers under the tire. What is the advantage of such wheels? First, there is no need to regularly keep pumping pressure into the wheels. The absence of air chambers also allows one not to think about the probability of broken wheels. In addition to these obvious advantages, it is worth noting another positive difference: the absence of air impact on the wheel materials, which makes them more durable and elastic. Besides, the elastic filling material EVA adds flexibility to the wheels in maneuvers and affects the depreciation, providing a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. On top, EVA covers polypropylene, which is well known for its resistance to wear and good sliding on any type of road (asphalt, sand, dirt road, paving slabs). In conclusion, it should be noted that the wheels with the AIR FREE system withstand high temperatures, both below and above zero (from minus 40 to plus 40). All of these factors add more mileage, up to 1,5 times, to the wheels of the Anex Sport 2.0 stroller!

It’s difficult to underestimate the enhanced version of the Anex Sport strollers. They are lightweight, stylish, functional and comfortable. This is a children’s transport, which will allow parents to get real pleasure from joint walks with long-awaited kids!