Kiddy Board by Anex: 

a stroller for two

Anex presents a special device for 
walking with children of different age.

Who can understand parents with two kids? Only fellow parents and... Anex’s experts. While the former can help only with advice, the Anex brand offers a practical item for comfortable walks with «double happiness».

What is the brand’s solution?

Anex recommends a unique footboard called the Kiddy Board as a part of its outdoor devices for parents. The board is made from solid plastic and is of compact size; only 16×35 cm. The board can be adjusted on the stroller’s frame and securely fixated with special fixtures.

Functional features of Anex’s Kiddy Board

The board allows one to have walks or trips while letting your older child sit next to the younger one. Your kid can enjoy the view even in the upright position because it is designed to allow for both sitting and standing. The antiskid coating supports the fixed stop for your child’s feet. The seat can be disconnected by pressing just one button, for your kid’s convenience.

The board is designed so that it does not hinder parents’ movement during a walk due to its compact size. Despite its small dimensions, Kiddy Board Anex is capable of holding a 5-year-old kid weighing up to 20 kg.