#anex Anex Cross

In this article, we will tell you about our stroller Anex Cross Versus and why anyone who likes original design solutions, may enjoy it.

Anex Cross strollers appeal to parents, who prefer dynamic minimalism. The models in this line-up have a laconic design; feature a mature color pallet and a sophisticated frame. Anex Cross strollers are designed in an urban style. That is why they are often appealing to parents who love active self-expression in the «concrete jungle».

The most adventurous parents will appreciate the Anex Cross Versus model. What’s so unique about this stroller? The answer is clear. It has an impressive color combination. All Anex Cross prams feature sole-colored eco-leather. Cross Versus comes in two colors: a deep marsala shade coupled with a warm cappuccino hue. It sounds tasty and looks effective. A slight ebbing of the eco-leather lends some depth to the wine hue and brings luster to the pastel tint. Together, the two colors create a balanced combo of classic hues, which are suitable for any occasion.

Another advantage for the contemporary parents is the 
trendy color combination. 

The famous designers feature the mix of marsala and beige in 

their latest collections.

The wine hue and cappuccino colors are «walking» 
the podium as part of the majority of fall-winter 2018-2019 collections. The deep winter marsala is ideally balanced with a warm pastel shade.

The interior designers also appreciate the tandem of these two colors. This is how well marsala and beige are joined in the True Velvet collection by India Mahdavi for the French house of Pierre Frey.

The Luce table collection from Giulio Cappellini & Antonio Facco is 
a distinguishingly exquisite thanks to the effects of light coupled 
with wine to pastel hues. Indecortrends.com forecasts that in winter 2019, we will see the new popularity of the marsala color emerge. 
The website shows the upcoming trends.

It’s evident that the color combination of the new Versus stroller is trendy. We should also mention the functional exquisiteness of this model. 

Anex Cross’s popularity inspired the brand experts to perfect the model. As a result, the second generation features an improved compact frame with a new folding system and AIR FREE wheels. «The Beauty» can easily fold to become 75×59,5×32,7 cm. Meanwhile, the seat unit folds together with the frame. This is fast and convenient!

The new AIR FREE wheel system improves the maneuverability of 

the stroller and its rolling distance. How does it happen? 
The key feature is the absence of an air chamber while using flexible and wear-proof materials (learn more details about new Anex Cross prams). As a result, the wheels withstand high and low temperatures (from −40 to +40°C) and show excellent amortization on uneven surfaces. Overall, 
the new AIR FREE wheel system has improved the rolling distance of 
the Anex Cross pram 1,5 times. This means comfortable walks are guaranteed without a time limit.

Anex Cross Versus is a stroller for people who value time and quality, know how to set priorities, and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.