We make


We are inspired by people who perceive parenting
as the most exciting
And fascinating adventure of their lives.
We desire to support them and
Make their journey cool !

Our team of more than 500 people works
everyday to support parents in more
Than 40 countries.

아넥스만의 고유감성은
우리의 생활을 더욱 풍요롭게 합니다


We believe that safety and beauty are allies.
Being practical and reliable
Does not mean we have to sacrifice innovation and elegance.
Anex products have it all !

아넥스는 항상 고정관념에 도전하며, 
각자의 개성을 메이킹 합니다.


아넥스는 항상 고정관념에 
도전하며, 각자의 개성을 
메이킹 합니다.


아넥스는 힘든 육아 생활로 
부터의 탈출을 도와드립니다.


Anex designs so we can all live in the moment while preparing for the future
And learning from our past.

아넥스는 힘든 육아 생활로 부터의 

탈출을 도와드립니다.


Having a baby is a new beginning for everyone.

Our products are built to endure while parents thrive.

Be cool… Be Anex !

아넥스는 여러분의 

cool 한 미래를 약속합니다.